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Drinking Sisters Peeing - Sweet sisters hot pee drinking

My sister was 21 when I turned 18. I had noticed how gorgeous she was as soon as I had hit puberty, but casual glances grew very quickly into infatuation. She was extremely fair-skinned with long hair, very petite with perky breasts, a beautiful face and about 5 feet 3 inches tall. We had a very close relationship because of all the time alone we had when our parents were out; they would sometimes leave us alone in the house overnight and our dependence on each other grew into a sexual urgency that could not be helped. We had so much time alone that we were able to experiment and explore each other's bodies to great depths. She was bi-sexual and open to just about anything.

After having sex during our many intervals alone, she almost always went to the bathroom to pee. I loved watching her naked, especially walk naked and knowing that she was walking to the bathroom did not change my pleasure at watching. I would watch as a mix of our cum, her pussy juices and my jizz, dripped down from her pussy, down her thighs. I then watched her come out of the bathroom and back to me, entranced by the movement. Although I initially took no notice of it, I often found that she would leave the bathroom door open and I could hear her use the bathroom, but I never thought much about it.

One day I asked her: "Can I come with you?"

"Of course!" she said.

I didn't have any particular intentions or ideas in my head; I was just enjoying watching her walk naked, and did not want her out of my sight while she went to use the bathroom. When we reached the bathroom, I didn't know exactly what to do. I just stood there in front of her holding one of her slender hands as she sat down. She began to pee, I could hear the urine hitting the water, and my eyes moved instinctively to the space between her legs. I was trying to catch a glimpse of her pussy, but her legs were not open wide enough for me to see anything interesting.

When she was done, she took a little bit of toiler paper and wiped her pussy and then took a little more to wipe her thighs where our cum had dripped. When she was dry, we both walked back to the bed. To my surprise she didn't seem embarrassed or awkward in the slightest and that helped me to remain poised myself. This happened a couple of times thereafter, and I think about the 3rd time she asked me a question that I had been avoiding asking myself.

"Do you like watching me pee?"

"Yes, I do actually, " I answered honestly.

She had a wide smile on her face though she seemed to be holding back some of the pleasure she felt from my response. "Why didn't you say so before?"

"I didn't know I was going to like it. I've never seen a girl pee before". I paused because I did not know what her response would be to my next request. "Next time when you have to go, I want to see more... will you open your legs for me?"

"Of course" she answered with an even wider smile.

We were both very excited, as it was something new, something untouched, for the both of us. We had never experienced this form of sexuality and it grew very rapidly within us as lust. I had made a request that I wanted us to indulge in before we had sex and not 'after' we had sex as we had been doing thus far. On the night we would explore this new taboo, she wore a black skirt and a white top that I always loved her in. As we kissed passionately, our hearts raced as we both knew in our minds and body what we were anxious to indulge in. I helped her undress, as I wanted her naked, just the way I liked it. She took my hand in hers and started towards the bathroom as I followed. She sat down on the toilet seat with her legs parted just enough for me to see her sweet, gorgeous pussy and I knelt down in front of her. I took my hands on her thighs and parted her legs a bit further... as much as I could, exposing her delicious pussy sitting so beautifully under her navel, between her so delicious thighs.

I looked at her face, staring into her eyes, giving her a gesture of what I wanted. Almost instantly, she started to pee. For the first time in my life, at a distance of just a few inches, I saw her pee. My hands were still on her thighs, almost gripping them, as I watched her pussy flow out a very slightly yellowish, mostly clear liquid, in a very smooth stream. I was mesmerized. In an instant my penis began to grow hard and rigid and was soon standing upright, completely erect. It was very soon after that the flow began to rapidly slow down, and she stopped. But we both knew that we had entered a different sexual dimension and that much was ahead of us.

Even before we got up, or moved a bit, I couldn't help but tell her what I was thinking. "I want to touch it next time."

She wasn't surprised at all, and said to me "I thought you would touch it today, why didn't you?"

I didn't know what to say.

During our conversations and our growing enticement towards this sensuality, a thought that lay deep in my mind, which I didn't dare touch or explore, popped up as a bold question by her. We hadn't talked about it at all, and she finally brought it out into our conversation. She asked me: "Would you want to taste it?"

At first I was quiet because I was a little surprised, but then I resorted to answering her honestly. I said "I would like to... the thought is very exciting, but I don't know how I'll actually take it, how I'll react to it, if I can actually do it."

She seemed to know what I meant and she didn't pursue the subject after that.

That Friday night, she brought up the 'taste' subject again and told me she had an idea, and that it was up to me whether I wanted to try it or not. So I asked her what her idea was. She said to me, "I'll go to the bathroom, I'll pee, you can come with me and watch me. You can touch it, feel it in your hands. When I'm done, we'll go back in bed. But I won't clean myself. I won't wipe myself. You love eating my pussy. Why don't you just eat my pussy after I come from the bathroom? A little bit of my pee would still be there on my pussy, just enough for you to taste a little bit, and it will be mixed in my wetness... that way you'll get to taste it a little, and you can decide whether you want more or not!"

While she described her suggestion to me, it made me feel so aroused, so hot, that I instantly agreed, hungry with anticipation of my chance to be able to do exactly what she described. On Saturday, we were alone in the house once again and we both were anxious and excited to venture further into our forbidden fantasies. We did exactly as we had planned. She even prepared for the opportunity by drinking glasses full of cold water before we found ourselves all alone, hungry and waiting.

As always we began our ritual of love and lust with passionate kisses; I helped her undress, and she took it upon herself to undress me. We adored our bodies, and didn't hesitate to express that. As I traced my lips, my tongue through the contours of her neck, her shoulders, and down towards her breasts, she stood there letting me cherish her beautiful body. And then she finally took my hand in hers and guided me towards the bathroom. I followed her with heart racing.

She sat down on the toilet seat, spread open her legs as wide as she could. I knelt down before her, staring down at her beautiful pussy, with my hands on her thighs, just shy of her pussy lips. She began peeing, and very slowly, I took the fingers of my right hand towards her pussy, and let them intervene with the smooth flow of her stream. The stream felt warm, and it excited me so rapidly. I had an absolutely erect penis and I could feel my pre-cum beginning to build at the tip of my cock. I was at a sexual high that I had never experienced before and I didn't want it to stop.

As promised, she didn't clean herself. I took some toilet paper to wipe my wet hand, and then we both just went back to the bed. She laid herself down on her back, and spread open her legs for me to begin my ritual. I crept up, laying on my stomach, between her legs, all the way up till my face positioned just above her pussy. Wet, still fresh from her pee... I could smell her pee mixing with the fragrance of her pussy and her sexual desire. I didn't waste any moments and gently brought my lips close to her pussy and kissed. Without any further hesitation, almost desperately, I opened my mouth, brought my tongue out and started to lick the crack line of her pussy, all the way from it's start at the bottom, to the top, licking with a heavy stroke. Her pee drenched my tongue and for the first time I tasted it. I loved it!! I absolutely loved it.

She had begun oozing out her wetness, unable to control her sexual excitement, and it began mixing with her leftover pee. It tasted slightly sour, slightly acrid, somewhat strong in taste, but to my mind it almost tasted like the core of her sexuality... it tasted like the inside of her body, like the flow from the depths of her sexual greed. It excited me so much. I opened my mouth wider and started to rapidly, and aggressively lick out and gulp all that I could from her pussy, trying to take in every little bit of pee left on her pussy. And as rapidly I stroked her entire pussy area, I continued to swallow and relish the taste of her pee, not letting one drop of it go to waste. While I was engrossed in licking away every drop of her pee and her wetness, I could feel her body suddenly convulse, jitter, and I could feel a strong orgasm rip through her body, sending more juice flowing out of her pussy and right into my waiting and thirsty mouth. I gave nothing away, and swallowed as fast as it came.

She went through multiple orgasms before I was done eating her. My desire and yearning to taste her pee had only grown and extended to deeper levels. I couldn't shudder at the thought of drinking her pee anymore because I wanted it!! After that day, when I had tasted Jessica's pussy, with her pee still fresh and covering it, I was only more attracted towards this form of sexuality, and wanted more, a lot more then what I got that day. The next opportunity that we both got, I was a lot bolder, and having tasted and relished her pee, I was very keen on going forward and having more. Over our conversations in the days thereafter, she had been very insistent and almost begged me to taste more of it. She told me she absolutely loved having me taste her like this and that she was extremely aroused when I would taste her pee.

"I want you to taste it more. I want you to drink it... I want you to swallow it. I want to pee in your mouth... where I can see you take all of it. Taste all of it. Will you do that for me?"

Engulfed in sexual desire, of course I agreed.

Not long after that conversation we got the chance to take our desires and experience further. She wore a bright red jacket, with a white top, and blue jeans. When we got the chance to be alone, we started messing with each other. Kissing, touching, teasing. We both felt that the preparation we had done the time before had worked and helped us, so this time around as well she drank a couple glasses full of cold water. We both walked up to the bathroom and stood in it, kissing passionately. I loved the taste of her mouth, her tongue, and kissed for minutes unending. I started with her jacket, taking it off, and then taking off her white top, and her beautiful white bra, exposing her beautiful breasts. I didn't waste any time in unbuttoning her jeans and taking them off, and I followed suit with her soft white panties. Once she was completely naked, I placed one hand on her ass, almost diving one of my fingers slightly inside her crack, and the other hand behind her neck, as I kissed her mouth, exploring it with my tongue over and over.

I always felt excited doing this. Me, fully clothed, and her, fully naked, just standing and kissing her, feeling her body, her nudity as it pressed against me. But she only let me kiss her for a few before she wanted me naked as well. I helped her as she took my clothes off, exposing my long rock hard cock. It's tip was swollen, already building pre-cum inside. Our sexual desire had reached its peak and we needed to satisfy our building craving. We both got into the small tub that I had in my bathroom, and I positioned her with her back resting against the wall, and I asked her to spread her legs, and bend slightly. The position exposed her pussy completely, facing front, facing me. I slowly knelt down in front of her, my face right in front of her beautiful pussy, and I put both my hands each on her legs, holding them tight.

Very gently I kissed her pussy, the fragrance enticing me further, and gently I licked the lips. Her wetness had begun dripping out, and I hungrily swept my tongue through the wetness dripping out of the slit in her hot pussy. As I positioned my lips at the topmost beginning of her slit, she let loose and her piss splashed out, almost gushing out from the middle & bottom of her slit. It landed straight on my neck and started hitting my chest as it flowed out in a powerful stream out of her pussy. The smell, the sight, the feeling just encapsulated me in extreme sexual desire, and I could no longer resist. I approached the gushing flow with my lips closed, and I put my face right in front of her pussy, almost touching it with my lips, letting her piss flow across my lips, my cheeks, covering half my face as it flowed down my body, dribbling down my neck and chest and drenching my cock.

I knew it wouldn't be long before it would all stop and I wanted more. I gently parted my lips, opened my mouth, positioned right in front of her beautiful pussy, and let the gushing stream of piss enter my mouth directly. The stream was still in strength, and although my mouth filled quickly and some started to pour out, I could no longer hold the stream and her pee in my mouth and I started to swallow. I drank mouthful after mouthful of her piss as it filled my mouth when gradually the stream began to slow down and the strength weakened. It reached a point where I could hold the pee in my mouth and let it flow out, but I loved the taste, it excited me so much, I had never felt a sexual rush like I felt at that moment, and I continued to drink her pee. I drank till the last drop, till it finally stopped. And I didn't hesitate to dig into her pussy with my lips, with my tongue, fetching out all that was left, loving the mixture of her piss and her pussy juices. I sucked and sucked and aggressively dug into her pussy deeper and deeper, letting my tongue explore the depths of her clit. It was just about minute after that when she exploded into a powerful orgasm... I could feel the spasms in her body, rattling violently, and her orgasm burst her wetness into my mouth. I loved it. It was too amazing.

We took a long shower after that, cleaned ourselves and she told me that it was one of the best orgasms she ever had. And I added, "Perhaps the quickest one too!"

In the times that followed, we would do this quite often. I loved drinking her pee, fresh and enchanting, straight from the source. She would often stand in the tub for me, as I would kneel down before her, drinking all of her piss, showering in her piss, wallowing every drop to the last bit. I loved it. And she loved it too!

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Peeing girlfriend - A sweet piss story of girlfriend's sister peeing

This story is based off an actual event.

When I was a senior in High school I started dating this girl who had a crush on me. We had been going out for about a month when I told her about my interest in watersports. She said she had always considered peeing a very private thing and she had a very shy bladder (She said she even had a hard time peeing in front of other girls) but she was willing to give it a try. She gave it her best efforts. Once during a makeout session she tried to straddle my leg and pee but she was unable to get started. She did manage to pee in the toilet a couple of times with me in the bathroom with her. One time she let me put my hand under her and she managed a couple of drops but she could not let go unless I moved my hand and she just let me watch.
One Saturday we went down to a local park at the lake with her sister to go swimming. She and her sister were very close and they kept very few secrets. While we were there my girlfriend and I again made attempts at some wet games up on the shore but she was unable to pee. Later as we were out in the water about waist deep my girlfriend came over to where I was at and stood very still. After about 30 seconds she looked at me and whispered "I'm peeing" I reached down and tried to slip my hand between her legs and her bladder clamped shut. I could tell she was getting frustrated that she was unable to do what I wanted. She told me she was sorry and she waded a little deeper into the water, stopped and as I stood there watching she finished urinating into the lake. A little while later her sister came over and she could tell my girlfriend was upset. She asked what was wrong and my girlfriend told her nothing. Her sister knew that was not the case and she continued to bug her about what was bothering her. My girlfriend looked at me. "Can I tell her..she's not going to shut up until I do" "That's up to you" I told her. "If you really must know Tim wants me to pee on him and I can't do it" she blurted out. I expected her sister to be shocked. "Why not?" she asked. "That should be easy, It's only water." I think my girlfriend spoke before thinking. "If you think it's so easy then you do it" she told her sister. Her sister grinned an evil little smile. "I just went in the water a few minutes ago but when I have to go again I will if you'll let me." she told my girlfriend. I think my girlfriend still thought her sister was just messing with her. "I don't mind...if you want to do it then go ahead." she replied.
Her sister dove into the water and swam away. I asked my girlfriend what I was suppose to do if her sister came back to make good on her offer. "Let her do it" she said "I don't's not like your going to fuck her or anything." We continued to swim for an hour or so then I got out of the water to go to the snack bar and get a drink and a candy bar. As I finished paying I turned around to find my girlfriends sister standing there waiting. "Are you ready?" she asked. "For what?" I said. "I thought you wanted me to pee on you..well I have to tinkle now" she replied. "Are you serious?" I asked. "Sure I am" she said. "But if you have changed your mind I'll just wade out into the lake and go." I looked at her cute body in her tiny 2 piece bathing suit. "If you think you can do it why not" I told her. We wandered around looking for a secluded place at the park to do our buisness. At last we spotted a empty picnic shelter near the edge of the woods.
We went over and looked around to make sure no one was watching. "So how do you want to do this...Make it quick cause I can't hold it long" she said crossing her legs. I sat down on the picnic table bench and told her to sit on my lap. She tried sitting sideways but then she changed positions and straddled my right leg and sat down on my thigh facing me. She wrapped her arms aound my neck to balance herself. "I think this will work better" she told me. "Are you ready?" she asked. I felt my cock quickly getting hard as I waited for her to start. She looked into my eyes and smiled. I saw her look down and she lifted her hips slightly off my leg. "Here it comes" she said. I began to feel the warm piss spray through her bathing suit bottoms and onto my leg. It ran in streams down my leg and formed a puddle at my feet. A few people walked nearby but I am sure all they saw was a young couple "fooling around" but had no idea that she was pissing like a racehorse on me. She peed for a long time (It seemed like forever but I'm sure it was probably just under a minute)

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True peeing girlfriend story - 1993 a Pee lovers account

I could never quite put my finger on what was wrong. But the fact remains that I fucked Rini for a year, we were actually going together, seeing movies, having dinner, the stuff you do when you go together, but I never told people we were seeing each other, and would even deny it when someone asked.

Once, my former boss brought her up in a conversation -- we had all worked together -- and said "She's probably great in bed. The ugly ones always try harder." I didn't think Rini was ugly, she was kind of cute. But I thought maybe the reason I hid our relationship was I was worried what other people would think of me.

It was a lot later that I realized the real reason was that she was kind of nuts.


But really, the sex was great. I'm not exactly sure why, but Rini was into it and into me. I was at the stage in my sex life that I was interested in trying everything, interested in women who would try anything. And for whatever reason, we set ground rules that kept the relationship kind of secret, and that seemed to fuel our fires.

We started together at the beginning of our careers in television and always got along. Sometimes we traveled together and had a casual flirting thing. At one point she actually kind of reported to me and that seemed to cement a little friendship.

I was at my single-est, meaning I was on a promiscuous tear that had me sleeping with more than fifteen women in five years. I ate dinner out almost every night and, inevitably, I'd eat out with women, whether or not I was dating them. I was often pretty naïve about these dinners because it didn't occur to me that having dinner with a single female colleague was anything more a meal with a colleague.

Anyhow, it was at a second or third dinner with Rini that the flirting got interesting. She was complaining about some female infection and when I innocently asked about it she told me her doctor said it had probably come from some "anal sex play." Oh.

We went out to a movie the next week, still as friends. I walked her home, we talked a while at her apartment and I got up to leave. As I leaned over to kiss her cheek something came over me and I grabbed her breast through her low cut dress. Cut to rug burns and an apartment smelling, reeking of sex.

And that was it. We had sex wherever we could, which was usually all weekend, and one or two nights a week. We'd see a movie, have some dinner, and fuck at my place. Or, fuck at my place, have some dinner, and see a movie.

At first, we didn't tell anyone because we worked together, but then I quit to set up my company, and we still didn't say anything. I didn't because I think I was vaguely embarrassed by it. Not many people I knew particularly liked Rini, in fact she ended up being one of the very few people fired from the company. I'm humiliated to admit it, but what people thought affected me. Though now that I think about it, it must have been something else too, because I'd gone with women that my friends didn't care for before. In any event, I think Rini went along with my reticence because she really liked me, and if I wanted to hide the relationship, she didn't want to risk losing me.

But in the meantime, we had a great time. The movies were good, Rini was an entertaining and intelligent dinner companion, and we fucked like rabbits.

Rini liked sex, and it seemed like she always had. She told me stories about hanging out with a group boys when she was twelve while they read Playboy and liking it as much as they did. When they asked her to take her clothes off and pose her breast-less, just sprouting pubic hair body for them, it turned her on being the only naked girl in front of a gaggle of erections. Almost as much as when she told me about it. She was one of the few women I'd been with up until that time who jumped in with gusto when I started whispering dirty stories in her ear, and she totally got into talking dirty herself.

Obviously, Rini enjoyed thinking of herself in a sexual way and she had fun with it. She liked her lingerie, and she liked wearing sexy underwear under everyday, knock-around clothes. I particularly remember one day when she stripped off her jeans and t-shirt and ended up in a trashy, lacy, whore-purple teddy. She giggled and pulled the crotch aside and told me to eat her out. I did.

Her biggest turn-ons seemed to come from being slightly forced into sex. Not just physically pushed, though that was good too, but resisting me when I wanted something new, protesting that it was too dirty, too humiliating, too extreme, and being cajoled into it. Like the first time I told her to say something dirty in a voice above a whisper, or when I pushed her to spread her ass cheeks for my tongue. Or when I'd want to fuck her ass. She'd always say "No," she's always clamp her holes shut. And she always do it. Always. And then beg for more, and more, and still more.

She loved having her nipples pinched. Pinched hard. Her breasts were small, her whole body was thin and small. But her breasts were sensitive, and we could be fucking and I'd just touch her nipple and she'd have an explosive orgasm. But what Rini really wanted was for her to straddle my cock, push it in really deep, and have me take her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and just squeeze the shit out of it. Or maybe put a nipple between my teeth and just chew it hard. The harder I squeezed the more she's scream, and the more she'd scream, the faster she'd fuck. She'd be screaming, I'd be biting, we'd be fucking, and we'd both cream like crazy. Geez, I'm almost coming just thinking about it.


Rini started to tell me that she loved me. I said thank you, you flatter me, but nothing more. We'd screw some more, or go to dinner.


I really wanted Rini to pee on me.

It had only dawned on me a couple of years before that this fetish turned me on. I think it was the second time around with the second Kamini that I had first mentioned it. Not that I wanted it, but using peeing in some dirty story I was telling her during sex. Knowing Kamini she probably reacted well, got turned on, and said the right things back so we could both come. But I never had the courage to push it, and probably didn't even know yet that I wanted any more than erotic chatter.

But, by the time I started up with Rini I knew. When I was with a woman keep the bathroom door open when I urinated to see if there was a reaction. In the right circumstances I'd ask a woman to hold my cock while I peed. They always would and they'd always like it, but I couldn't go any further. I was chicken to watch a woman too closely when she went. I wouldn't ask her to spread her legs on the toilet. I'd never say let me put my hand down there. Ruth always leaked out when she came, and so I'd get her to sit on my face as often as possible, so I could put my thumb in her asshole, make her come with me tongue and feel her dribble down my face. But I never asked her out loud, I never asked her to just shoot on my hard cock.

But I did ask Rini. Why? I have no idea. But I guess we'd done everything else I could think of by then, and we were as dirty and trashy as I'd ever been. So, what the hey!


She meant it. The whole thing freaked her out a little bit, and while she was up for anything sex, nipple pinching, ass licking, come spurting, the works, maybe this peeing thing was a little too much. She didn't mind peeing in front of me, holding my peeing cock, she just didn't want to pee on me, and didn't see the sexual charge.

So I backed off.

But whenever I could, I tried. When I fingered her, I'd whisper just how soaked she was. When she was on the toilet I'd insist she open her legs, and maybe spread her lips with my hand and let her see me staring at the stream coming out. And I'd hold my erection for her to see at the same time.

Soon we'd be fucking and I'd ask again. The "No!" would be weaker. She'd get on top, put me inside deep and pull up and off, and she'd spurt a little. And then "No. I can't. I'm trying, but it won't come out." And she'd push down on me again, and come in gushers. She'd try again and again, she wet herself enough that I'd feel it, but I wanted her to open her lips and see it shoot out all over my cock, like my come would shoot out all over her tits.


I couldn't keep doing this. It was mean. I loved the sex, it was hot, beyond hot, it was crazy. But it was not right. But I kept asking her over, kept whispering dirty things in her ear, kept fucking and coming in every hole she had.

I went out and slept with Sehnaz. Rini suspected something and went to the hospital with an anxiety attack. I slept with Lidia. Rini never knew, but I almost had an anxiety attack. I was guilty even though I thought we weren't really a couple.

Rini kept saying she loved me.

Once we had Sunday brunch with my buddy Dipak Roy. I think it was the only time we went out with anyone else.


She was sitting up, fucking me on top, trying to bounce her tiny tits. She pushed down hard and came off almost as hard and let go a gusher of pee, all over my dick, over my stomach, all over. She couldn't stop. She collapsed on my soaked body, crying, laughing, humiliated, exhilarated. My cock was coming everywhere. I was over the top.


I was still in love with Linda. I tried to start it up again. When she shut me down I asked out her secretary Shirin. We slept together. I broke it off with Rini.

"You can't do this! I humiliated myself for you, I peed for you! I love you!"

It was over.

Except for the screaming.

Shirin and I went to a party that had a lot of work friends. Uh-oh, there was Rini.

I was walking through the room when she grabbed me. And started yelling. At the top of her lungs. How could I do this to her? Was Christine more helpful to my career? Would she shame herself for me more? Christ, it was like a bad movie. Shirin, and everyone else, just stared. I just stared. As soon as I could move, we got out of there.


The day before shirin and I got married, Rini, now married herself, sent me a dirty letter. She told me she wanted me to fuck her, wanted me to fuck her ass. She wanted me to take Polaroids of her doing nasty, dirty things. She wanted to pee on my cock. She'd booked a hotel room around the corner, it was my wedding present.

I did not respond.


Rini came down to visit my new office four years later. She told me she was pregnant again. I told her shirin and I split up the month before.

I was still having an affair with Ayesha, but we were starting to break down. I became a heel again.

I went to Rini's weekend house in the Hamptons and I fucked a married pregnant woman. She peed all over me. She put my cock up her ass. As her tummy and tits got bigger over the months she come to my studio and ask me to take her from behind. I did.

I moved to Delhi. She'd find excuses to visit her folks without her husband or kids. I fucked her once, but never again. She didn't stalk me, but she made friends with both my sisters, and other friends. She kept tabs on me.

How did I get into this?

My cock.

I got married again. She'd gotten the message, sort of. No dirty letters. But she's stayed friends with my sisters, my brother-in-law/ex-partner. I try to ignore it.

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Shy peeing Girl - Swati desi girl pee

When I was in college I lived in the dorms on campus. I just couldn't afford not to. You see, I grew up farming and ranching and I am very good with my hands. My second year at college, the Dorm system I lived in consisted of three buildings that needed a new maintenance man as the last one had graduated. The dorms and the college in general tried to give as many jobs as they could to the students to give them extra money. Of course if there were any major construction or re-construction going on, the physical plant personnel would come fix the problem. But for basic closet door repair, painting and the like, I was able to handle. In return I got my room and board for free as a member of staff, which was better than being a Resident Advisor. They had to stay on-site once every 7 days for a full 24-hour shift. Me, I was free to come and go as I pleased and didn't have to pull desk duty.

The dorms where I lived had three buildings. Ashok Hall 1, 2 & 3. Ashok Hall 1 was the oldest of the three buildings and as such had communal bathrooms. 1st and 2nd floors were female floors and 3rd and 4th floors were male. Ashok 2 and 3 were both made up of suites with a bathroom between each two rooms. Ashok 2 was co-ed and Ashok 3 was all female. My workshop was in Ashok 1 on first floor. (It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.) Ashok 1 tended to be mostly freshman as there were communal bathrooms and no air-conditioning. As a member of staff, I got a room to myself in Ashok 2.

At the first of the year, Swati, a junior and the R.A. (resident assistant) for Ashok 1 first floor had me come to their first all floor meeting. At these meetings the R.A. for each floor meets the new people and lets them in on the rules. One of the rules was that the doors for 1st and 2nd floor were locked at 10:00 PM and no males were allowed unescorted on the floor after that time and no males on the floor at all after 11:30 PM. That way the girls could be an early warning device for each other, as they tended to walk around in little or nothing after 10:00 PM.

Swati had me come to the meeting to explain to everyone who I was and why I might be seen at any hour on his or her floor, because my workshop was next to their communal bathroom. I explained to them that I would only be on the floor unescorted after 10:00 PM if there was some sort of emergency I had to take care of and that I would announce my presence before I came on the floor. Being the maintenance man, I had keys to all the floors like any other member of staff.

Swati told the girls, that I had given them fair warning and to be prepared when leaving their rooms after 10:00 PM.

With 20-year-old buildings, there were lots of things that needed fixing and the girls on 1st floor got very used to my being there. After a couple of weeks bras and panties were something that they all felt comfortable about running around in when I was there and 3 or 4 girls were comfortable in less than that. (Like I said, it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it!) It quickly got to be where I was like one of the members of the floor.

Anjali must have always had a bladder problem, because the first time I ever saw her she was running out of a room in panties holding a T-shirt she hadn't even put on yet, hollering back into the room that she would be right back, but she just had to pee. Anjali was a cute little 18 year old about 5'2" tall with a slender waist and a pretty face. As she left the room and headed for the bathroom, she saw me, with her two big beautiful, firm, Double-D tits bouncing. She stopped and quickly put her shirt on. Then, red-faced she ran by me to the bathroom.

That girl could piss like a cow on a flat rock, because everyone could hear her down the hall. A couple of girls started laughing and when she came out they began to tease her. I was working on the lock for one of the girls' room and she was still red faced as she walked by.

Being a joker I just had to make a comment and I told her not to worry about it, all girls had tits, and the only way she would really get my attention was if she had three of them. She laughed, and told me she only had two but that she was not used to showing them off to just any guy she happened to run by. I thanked her for the show and she thanked me for being impressed and went back to the room she that she had come from.

One October morning I got a call from Swati about 5:00 am and she advised me that the showers in their bathroom were not working right. I went to the floor, hollered to let everyone know I was there and went to the bathroom. There I hollered inside to see if anyone was there. Jennifer hollered that she would be right out. A couple minutes later she came out and told me no one else was in there. I went in to look at the showers. On the outside back of the shower wall was the access panel for the shower plumbing. It was right across from the stalls. I took off the panel and could immediately see what the problem was. An old automatic valve was stuck and I needed to change it quickly. Not a big problem, about a 10-minute job. I went next door to my shop; got a new valve and the tools I needed and went to work.

About 5 minutes into the job the door bursts open and in comes Anjali. I told her I would be done in a few minutes and she said ok, she would wait and left. A couple minutes later she sticks her head in the door and asks if I'm about done cause she has got to pee. I told her not quite, and she looked around, realizing that no one else was up and about, and then came in. She apologized and said that she just had to pee cause she just got up and went into the last stall. As I was working on the valve, I could hear the pee splashing against the porcelain of the bowl. She was trying as hard as she could to be quiet this time.

When she finished she came out, red-faced again and went to leave. Before she did she stopped and told me that in the few short weeks that she had been there I had managed to embarrass her more than any other man she ever knew. I told her that I was glad to be of service, and we both just laughed and she left.

A couple of weeks later I learned first hand how bad her bladder control was. A couple of blocks away, within walking distance was a local bar. Ok, it was within stumbling distance, which is really important in college.

Anyway, a bunch of us from the dorm were over there drinking and having a good time. Anjali happened to be in the group and she seemed to have to pee after each beer she drank. As the evening wore on the place got packed and there began to form a line for the women's bathroom. We were within view of the bathroom doors and a couple of times when Anjali had to wait, she would dance in place a little before getting inside.

Around 11:00 or so, I needed to pee. By now there was a small line 2 or 3 guys for the men's room and a pretty good line, 6 or 7 girls for the ladies room. I got up, got in line, and waited my turn. I was not desperate, but my bladder was quite full. A few seconds after I got in line, Anjali shows up and gets in the girls' line. Within a couple of minutes she is bouncing a little. By the time only two girls have gone in and come out, she is doing a full-blown pee-pee dance. She looked at me and said, "God I wish they would hurry up, I have got to piss." Her bouncing became more frantic as she waited. By this time I was next in line for the men's room. As I entered Anjali hobbled in behind me. She looked at me helplessly and asked me to let her use the bathroom, as she was about to piss her pants.

Now I had to pee, but I was still in a condition to wait. But I wasn't telling Anjali this. I just looked at her and told her fine, but I had to pee too and I was not leaving. There was only a toilet and a urinal in this little bathroom and no divider or wall between them. I stepped up to the urinal to take care of my aching bladder and began to pee. The sound of my piss hitting the urinal was just too much for Anjali. She quickly stripped her jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet next to me not two feet away. She was peeing before she even sat down. Her face was redder than I had ever seen it before as she peed and peed. I finished up and was washing my hands and she was still peeing. I waited for her to finish so I could open the door to leave. When she finally finished we both left and went back to the table we were all sitting at. Most of the people were off on the dance floor or playing pool. As we sat there she looked at me and apologized for what had happened. She began to tell me that ever since she was a little girl that when the urge to pee came on her, she had to pee right then. If she waited just a few minutes she would run the risk of wetting herself and that had happened so many times in the past. She went on to tell me that she had been to the doctor about the problem but that none of them had been able to help her. It seems that her bladder would wait till it was full before sending any signals to the brain telling her to empty it. She said that she would feel just fine one minute.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

voyeur peeing, hidden peeing, peeing in bush

There are many people who are addicted to the peeing mania, watching women pee in toilet, outside, in the park, in the beach, in the alley and everywhere, hence this blog is a novel attempt to satisfy some of the dreams of pee lovers.

In this blog attempt have been made to project women peeing as a subject of art and eroticism, there is no way any intention to harm or malice any character person or community, there is also no attempt to promote pornography too.